I know that you are  curious and wondering how this all works and why and how. I promise, this is a simple process for you and your family. I have made it so easy so that you have a stress free, fun and memorable experience that will end in awe. 




  • "How long are the sessions?"

             The sessions last about an hour, sometimes less. But for the most part, it is usually an hour and I work with each family member individually, sometimes separately etc. It all depends on the family size, how many sibs etc.


  • "What should we wear?"

We will look at different options for color coordination and dressing for the scene that is chosen.


  • "How do I prepare for the session?"

       Easy.  first, I email a questionnaire and after it is filled out then we meet with the family in the studio or in your               home and we talk and learn about  the unique personalities of each family based on the questionnaire you filled out. That takes about 30 minutes total. Then just like that, Bam! You are done!  I take care of the rest and all you have to do is show up, you won't have to worry about a thing!


  • "What is painterly fine art?"

Firstly, let’s dive into the concept of Fine Art Photography! Fine Art Photography is produced with the perception that the photographer is more of an artist. They use the camera along with editing software to ‘paint’ what he/she sees in their mind. Photography evolves into art when the image becomes more than just the literal portrayal of an object and/or subject. So, rather than just capturing an image, the photographer will go a step further and apply a unique creative process. Creating something extra special! Pretty neat huh!


  • "What makes the poses different from other photographers?"

 Ahhhh now this is the best part. Good question! After our consultation, I start scheming behind the scenes to make up a narrative for either the kids or the family that matches your uniqueness. I work with you individually and together in the studio. One of the kids may be outside sitting in the sand reading a book while another sibling may be inside playing with their favorite doll, or cars etc. So I will pose you in those positions doing just that! If mom and dad are in the images, mom could simply be looking out the window as the kids play and she is watching them from the window. Dad could be standing by the seaside holding hands with his son or daughter. Got the picture? (seriously, no pun intended :-)   I break the mold in traditional poses. Not to mention..... most kids (and dad's wink wink) really do not like to have to pose or go for pictures. This is different. This is intriguing and kids and dads love to participate!


  • "How long do we have to wait before we see our images?

The turn around to edit, create your gallery, upload your beautiful fine art creation takes up to 2 weeks. Sometimes less. Depends on how many family members are involved.


  • "What kind of prints do you offer?"

Excellent question! There are many different options available from fine art to canvas gallery wraps. But, I need you to keep this in mind. It is fine art which means that you receive museum quality fine art or canvas that are printed on the highest quality material available and to date through my lab. They are treated by using a special coating that keep your colors vibrant and beautiful and no fading for 100 years on your wall!  Yes, you heard that right..... 100 years. Know what is even more amazing.... they last 200 years in dark storage.... Like, who would put their family in dark storage, right? Lastly, my computer is calibrated with my lab so that the images that you see in your gallery will print exactly like what you see on the screen. No wonky colors that you would get from printing at drug stores or convenient stores that start fading during the first year after being printed.... What a rip off!


  • "Are these sessions expensive?"

I have structured my prices to make it affordable for you. I strongly believe that every family should have affordable access to beautiful portraits to last a lifetime. I mean, after all, isn't that why we even do this? We love to adorn our walls with portraits of the ones we love and cherish. I love to have my walls adorned with my family. I LOVE to look at them as I walk by them. Show them off. Especially my kids who live out of state and I don't get to see them as often as I would like. But I can look at the pictures I have of them on my wall and it warms my heart and brings pride and joy inside. To me, to you, to all families, this is priceless. 


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