Painterly Fine Art Series for Family and Children

My desire is to place your child(ren) and family in an enchanting place that is both expressive, magical, rich in color and imaginative creating a beautiful heirloom to adorn your walls. Include the parents and you have spectacular family portraits! Most of all, your portraits, whether it be just the child(ren) or with the family, will never be repetitious with any other portrait taken in my studio. What does that mean? Simply this. All portraits will be customized to each family according to their personality and connection with each other. Your family is unique. Your portraits will show that. When you walk into a friend, or family home and you see family portraits, they are typically the same as everyone else's, only maybe a different background. I break the mold and create a story that is powerfully and beautifully spoken in just 4 images. As your child grows, the looks change, personalities change, interest changes, I can capture them all in an ever changing scenery that fits those attributes. Read my FAQ'S

 These sessions are created to capture a storybook like moment that becomes a timeless treasure that surpasses time and will fit any time era. This style of portraiture will never be outgrown but instead, be adored through all ages and generations. 



My popular session:


Dreamy Beach Scenes

Imagine your child(ren) walking barefoot through the sand with beautiful dreamy lighting. Or maybe just looking out at the sea, reading a book, building sand castle's with the parents looking out and watching them with hearts full of joy, or maybe even enjoying the outdoors together. The scenes are so serene, peaceful and emotes such a relaxed atmosphere that can be felt by simply gazing at the portrait on the wall. It stimulates the imagination and brings joy to the soul. When the whole family is added, it only compounds the connection that they have with each other. Best of all, all these images are very customized to match the uniqueness of your family. There will never be another portrait like it. For more, view my gallery 


Enchanting Castles with a View


Mother's Day

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