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Now that you are here, let's chat a bit why you stopped by :-) You have been thinking about a boudoir shoot. Curious what that will look like for you. So you start looking at other images (good for you) and checking other photographers work (good for you again). It's pretty important to see how other photographers shoot. We all have different styles, perspectives, visions etc. 

So now you like what you see but you may be thinking that "I could never look that good". Well, you can and you are not the first one to say this. A lot of my clients have thought the same thing and look at them now. I have a trained eye that sees the beauty that you possess. Im not bias and I create beautiful images of you. For instance, if  you look at some of the images I have taken, the poses I chose for each client are what works for them.... and most all females, but some poses fit them better than it would for another. This is what I look for in order to make you look your very best. The poses you see of the females in my gallery, are not poses that you do every day (if you ever practiced in front of the mirror to see how you would look..... like we ALL have done. Guilty here.)  and even if you could.... you can't see yourself at the angles where my focus goes.  I will capture what look will bring the the natural beauty out in you. That is key....  Finding that right angle and pose that fit your body style.  You can be sexy and beautiful in a sweater, jeans and a crop top or baby doll lingerie. It is whatever makes you feel beautiful and sexy! There are many ways boudoir looks to each person.    

So I addressed some things that maybe your feeling. Here are some more questions you may be asking yourself. What is Boudoir to me? How do I want it to look like for me? Do I need a make up and hair artist? What should I bring? Is there a changing room? Do I have to be naked? Can I do nudes etc.  We certainly will have a chat before your session and go over all this and more. We will even look at poses that work for you on Pinterest and create a board just for you. Boudoir is a customized session. There is no one size fits all. If this is for your fiance, boyfriend, significant other, then this is your love story. If it is just for you, you still own it. Let's tell your story!

Read below about what a few are saying about my work and experience with me.


"I have always wanted to do a boudoir session, but I was way to shy and wasn't sure how I would look in the pictures. I saw Kim's ad for her sessions and after much deliberation I decided to go for it. Kim was so great to work with from the very beginning. She answered all my questions, assured me that the photos would be tasteful and appropriate and sent me a ton of great tips and pointers. Kim made me feel comfortable the moment I arrived. She is easy to work with, checked with me often, and honestly, made me feel right at home.The session was so much fun and I had a blast. Kim took extra time to make sure the images were perfect. She also welcomed my feed back which made me feel like they were mine. When I saw the proofs, I was floored that I could look so amazing! I was in disbelief that the pictures were actually of ME! I absolutely LOVED my boudoir session and appreciated how tasteful and professional Kim was." 

                ~~ Randi



"After having 7 kids I never felt I could EVER do a boudoir session because of my body. I was/am very self conscience and have never had the guts to even look into a session. After talking to Kim about the session and what I could wear, I felt more comfortable. I was able to wear a sweater and still feel I was  beautiful AND sexy! Im proud of how they turned out. Kim was easy going and relaxed. She made me feel comfortable and didn't make me feel foolish for voicing what I wanted to try. I would recommend her to whoever considers boudoir."      

                  ~~ Lynn



"When I had my boudoir session, it was exciting and a little nerve wracking because I had never done this sort of thing before. I had set aside some lingerie that made me feel feminine and sexy. I was nervous about how I looked because I really wanted these to turn out good. The lingerie helped me feel pretty and so did Kim by the way she encouraged me. Before long, I forgot how nervous I felt and things came a little more natural. Like most women, I have my insecurities about my body. Kim used props and creative poses to hide my "trouble" areas. She see's what I do not, she knows what she is doing. I trusted her and she was open to my ideas also. I had a few of my own going into this. After all was said and done, I really had a good time and most importantly, I couldn't BELIEVE the way the photos turned out! They looked like me but I don't know if it was the angles or her settings or whatever! I was extremely satisfied because she made me look (and feel) so beautiful! I don't know how she did it lol. Her images made me look so beautiful and that's all that matters. Now I know what to expect and Im ready for another session :-) 

         ~~ Sara


There you go. Look how beautiful they are. Different body types, lingerie or sweater, different angles that works for them. Still got some joe left in your cup?  Now what are you waiting for? Give me a buzz or send me an email and let's sip n chat. Let's begin your story.


             Beauty. Love. Light.

             ~~~ Kimberly Ray