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December is here, and summer is right at your door. Now, you must be thinking about stuffing your wardrobe with the latest fashion, accessories, and other stuff.
I’ve always had used studio (e.g. Sears or JCPenney) to have our photos done. So, I was unsure and leery of non studio photographers, until I found Kimberly Ray Photography. She’s really changed my view point. She always manages to capture amazing shots of my busy toddler, but also my family photos as well. Always am happy with all of our photos she’s taken.
Tammie Gregor(non-registered)
Kimberly has been our photographer for 4 years now. She is amazing. Our photos are beautiful and she is so patient with our young kids and dog. We keep coming back for more every year!
Mark DeWilde(non-registered)
You are one awesome photographer. Excellent looking images.
Kimberly Ray Photography
Harden family! I had a great time with our session! You guys are awesome! Looking forward to editing your session!! I also enjoyed the story of your miracle baby and his awesome name! :-)
Terry, Holly & Tarian Harden(non-registered)
Had an awesome time with Kimberly. Truly a professional.
Terry, Holly & Tarian Harden(non-registered)
I look forward to our photo shoot later today.
Gail Corne(non-registered)
Very beautiful. Haunting in a good way.
You are so good!
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