Welcome to fall sessions 2023!

It should be a beautiful fall! The colors are already changing and Im so excited for this years fall sessions!

Here you will learn more about your session this year, location, times, cost and how to best prepare for your session that will produce beautiful images!

If at any time you are ready to book, click the red button on the lower right side of the page. The mini sessions are under events and it will show the two dates you can choose from.



28  Cady28 Cady

This year I will be at Bush Park down by the toddlers padded playground. That is where you will meet me and I will walk you a short way to the location. This year I will have a bench as a prop and a wooden rocking chair for the littles. You will park in the parking area next to the green house and rose garden. 

Gregor     3Gregor 3

The session times are 30 minutes (or less if we manage to breeze right though) and I have a short buffer between appointments. So it's important that you arrive at least 10 minutes early. We need to consider the time it takes to wrangle the family together and make it to the location, is about 10 minutes. That will get you at the location ON TIME! Please be mindful of the clients that will be arriving for their session after your's. I appreciate it!

The sessions are $225 and for that you receive the following:

  • A 30 minute half session up to 30 minutes
  • 10 Hi Res Digital Images
  • Professionally edited and retouched
  • Print Release
  • 20% Off All Prints (Printed through My Lab)
  • Facebook Collage to share on Social media
  • Lots of fun!


10   Virk.10:17:202010 Virk.10:17:2020

Lets talk about how to prepare, or what to wear for your session:


  • Think solid colors that compliment each other. Example: Muted yellow, creams, muted orange and greens all go beautifully together and denim bottoms work great for all members of the family. These colors meld naturally with the fall colors very nicely. It would work if one person wore a plaid top, but not everyone, then it gets too busy and the family will blend in with the background. The focus is on you and the family so we need you to "pop" among the busy fall colors.
  • Be sure there is no neon colors or bright colors and no prints, no pictures on shirts etc. Slip over sweaters with a nice collared shirt under the sweater is a wonderful option for me. Or just a sweater is great also.
  • Bring a comb or brush for final touch ups
  • Ladies, the above fits you as well, however, if you would like to wear a dress, that would be a great idea as well, keeping in mind the same rules apply as it does with the shirts. Your dress could be the one to break up the solid colors with print if you decide to wear a dress.
  • Accessories are really nice as well. Winter scarves are a great way to accent on solid colors and really dress up your tops! 


It will be a fun time with great energy and laughter! 



























Greenhouse Mini Sessions Coming Soon



20Minute sessions

7 Hi-Res Digital Images

All images professionally edited and retouched

FB Cover collage

20% off all prints

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