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Ok, so what does "Lucky Duck Derby"  and  Cystic Fibrosis have in common? I'm very glad you asked! 

First let me introduce you to Caleb and his mother Amy.

I have known Amy since she was a wee little girl, having sleep over's with MY wee little girl! :-)

Now Amy is having children of her own. That leads me to Caleb! He is a wee little man and cute as a bug with a personality of, well, a typical 3 (just shy of being 4) year old with 2 other brothers, ages 16 and 21 months!

Caleb may be your typical 3 year old, but he doesn't get to live like a complete typical 3 year old. Caleb has Cystic Fibrosis. 

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-shortening, genetic disease that causes the body to create abnormally thick mucus that clogs the lungs and digestive system. There are currently 30,000 children and young adults in the U.S. living with CF.

Caleb is normal in every sense and is every bit as active as any other 3 year old. Caleb has to avoid other little kids who have colds or other virus or other illness. Plus, his parents must protect him from mold and all bacteria, which as we all know is EVERYWHERE!. He has days when he has to do percussion therapy to clear his lungs but  he takes his treatments in stride and can actually give them to himself now. It's a lifestyle he is familiar with. 

Amy says... " In honor of Cystic Fibrosis month we are sharing a bit of what we do to help Caleb stay healthy. Caleb is holding a cup full of goodness. Enzymes, probiotics and a variety of vitamins that he takes each day. He is a super star when it comes to taking his vitamins."

Amy has set a path before her and has determination to help fight for a cure. Not just for her son, but for others as well.

Most of us are blessed with healthy children and deal with the normal childhood illness that come with having kids. We don't give Cystic Fibrosis a second thought. Or maybe no thought at all. Or any other childhood diseases for that matter. But when you suddenly have a child with something like Cystic Fibrosis, we as parents will go to any lengths to help fight for our child. Our love for our child causes us to be willing to fight against all odds!

This is what Amy lives and breathes. Fighting for her child's life. Literally. But guess what, it's not just for Caleb, it is for all children with CF! 

Here is a cute and informative look into a child's small life with CF.  A video about CF

I'm PROUD to be a part of Amy's fundraising efforts to help raise funds and awareness for the CF Foundation! Im offering a Mini Session as part of the many other  prizes being raffled on August 31st.  You do not need to be present to buy your tickets or to claim your prize if your the big winner! Contact Amy Garee at 503-884-8187 To purchase your tickets! They are $5.00 for 1 ticket or buy a Quack Pack of 5 for $20.00 AND if you buy before May 31st, you will get an extra ticket! So c'mon! What are you waiting for? Give Amy a call and help out a lot of, no,  THOUSANDS of kids! Even one ticket will help! It's accumulative! :-) So... THIS is what Lucky Duck Derby & Cystic Fibrosis has in common :-) Call Amy now and buy some tickets whether for yourself or for a gift!





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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Gracie Lynn


Once upon a time, there was this mother and father. One day they decided they would love to add another member to their big family. This would be their last child. Even tho they already had 7 between them,  they're live's just wouldn't be complete with out one more little one to fill this family's home. Problem was, Mother needed surgery to make this happen. 

Mother had surgery, and they conceived.

Oh what a happy day when they found out they were going to have a baby! Time went by and everything appeared to be going well! Finally the day came for the ultra sound and Mother and Father decided to take the whole family for this event! They were excited to watch this little miracle play around in it's safe warm little world, the womb. The kids were excited to see this miracle as well! 

During the ultra sound it was evident that something was not right. They learned that the baby had anencephaly. Baby sister, later named Gracie Lynn was not going to survive. The outcome was devastating for this family. They made the decision to carry their baby to term, against the Dr.'s advice to abort this baby girl. They found a new Dr. who would support their decision to carry baby Gracie to term. 

Yes, Gracie Lynn entered the world and left her mark on her siblings lives, her parents lives and grandparents as well. As some of you may be familiar with this story and know that  I'am one of her grandparents. I was there when she came into this world. I watched the world change instantly the moment she was born. She was loved fiercely by her parents. Her siblings. Her grandparents.

Gracie Lynn stepped into heaven 30 minutes later. 

I know this is heavy. I don't mean to cause deep sadness for you. I'm sharing because, in spite of the sadness, Gracie changed lives in her short appearance.  But also, sometimes when this happens, the parents leave the hospital empty handed. It's as if the whole experience was a dream and they have nothing tangible that show they actually gave birth, except for the physical scars. They leave not only empty handed, but with empty hurting hearts.

‚ÄčThe pictures that my family have, that I personally took for them, is something tangible for them to reflect on. But most importantly, it helped them to heal. It proves that they had a beautiful baby. She was really here, if even for a short time. She was a member of this family.

 It may seem odd or morbid  for someone to take pictures of a child that has passed. But as you can see from these pictures, it's not morbid at all. But for the family, they get to take home a little something that they just lost. Something tangible. They're  newborn baby. 

So here is the second part of why I have written this blog. It is to announce that I'm a proud member of NILMDTS (Now I lay Me Down To Sleep) . It is an organization that is available to parents who have just learned that their child will not make it in this world. This is not in anyway shape or form an avenue for my photography. This is a Non-Profit Organization and is FREE to the parents. The photographers with NILMDTS are all volunteers with a passion to help the grieving parents in their healing process and providing them with respectful professional photos of their precious baby. One's they can remember by. Watch this  short video as it visually shows what NILMDTS does for families. NILMDTS is made up of volunteers that give their time to give to these hurting families. Also, please go to  NILMDTS website and learn more about what we do. Please share this blog so others can be aware. Maybe you know someone who might desire these services. Pass this along. Thank you for taking the time to read and help spread the word about NILMDTS! This is by no means  for every family. But is available for those who do want this service. Thank you for taking the time to read! 

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LoVe LoVe


It's multifaceted. It's a fact. "Love" has been used in many aspects and facets. It's descriptive, it feels, it expresses, it's unexpected, it's tangible.

We can love just about anything. Such as having an object of attachment... for our old school mates, love for baseball, love for nature. Love is also known for descriptives such as passion, devotion, admiration and more. But the kind of love that is most complex and incredibly fulfilling, is love between a man and woman. Words can hardly express what the heart feels when you fall in love. Many poets have stumbled on trying to find the right words to fully express love.

When it's right, the heart knows. The heart feels it.

When a man and woman fall in love, it begins a whole new chapter in life. It is life changing. To sum it up, it's all encompassing! And it feels good! I believe that real love is a tangible force, and a verb rather than a noun. When you love someone, it means you truly admire them for their looks, personality, sense of humor, etc. You enjoy spending time with someone you love, and you want to be with them as much as you can. And the next step of course, is marriage.

Now that's a whole new descriptive conversation :-)

It is a privilege to photograph a happy couple in a ceremony that publicly expresses their love  for each other and commit a lifetime of devotion (among the good bad and ugly :-) to each other!

Have you found your true love? Making plans for the future? Congratulations! If you don't have a photographer, give me a call for my portfolio special (engagement & wedding package) that is good through October 31, 2013. If you book between now and then (up to a year in advance) you will receive the portfolio discount! Call me at 503.480.6931 and we can discuss your needs!


Kimberly :-)


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Eternally Yours Hello my friends! 

I haven't blogged in awhile because I have been so busy! In the meantime, I had this idea burning inside of me and I was dying to get it on film! This is not the original idea I had, but this came out of me from no where!

I had an "assignment". The assignment was, to be creative, and I had to shoot a set using the following props. A flower. The color purple. Black lace ( or tule, fishnet etc), and finally, a ballon. 

I love cemeteries. I have always wanted to take pictures in a cemetery. But I needed a subject and really, who wants their pictures done in a cemetery right? So here was my opportunity... 

I had the idea of a lady in a wedding dress, and a little girl. The lady would have black tule for her "veil", the little girl would have the balloon and of course flowers belong not only in the graveyard, but in the arms of a from all came together! It just rushed in my mind and I knew what I needed to do to execute my plan! 

SO here is where you come in! I created this to hopefully draw you in, the viewer, and as you watch the slideshow, it will hopefully draw you in emotionally and visually. I want to hear your interpretation of the slideshow. There is no right or wrong version. I purposely left it open for different interpretations. It's your story, your ending. 

This video is best viewed in dim lighting with headphones on. The sound has cathedral qualities and using good sound is much more effective!

I look forward to hearing from you, and your "story" :-)


Talk soon!!







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New Buddy Sessions!  

So I thought it would be fun to create a mini package for BFF's and It is a great way for you and your best friend to have a mini shoot of just the two of you! It entails a 30 minute session and BYOP (Bring Your Own Prop) for the shoot that identifies your friendship and what the two of you have in common, or if you want a theme!

For $75.00 ($37.50 each) What you get is 2 - 5x7, 4 - 4x6, 16 wallets.

BUT.... for a limited time, and this is the fun part, I will be adding a slideshow with video clips!! That is a $100.00 savings!! 

So share this with your friends!! Let's have some fun!!

Call to reserve your spot! 503.480.6931. They are going to fill up really fast!!




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Friends, babies and facebook I know that Facebook an be pretty controversial at times. Frustrating us with rumors, hackers, drama queens and the sort. But for me, it has been pretty awesome, for the most part! Tonight I was very thankful for Facebook and the connections with my friends, new and old. 

I had the pleasure of receiving a private message from one of my daughter's friends that she grew up with (and who is also my friend on facebook). She had inquired about a photo shoot . So we talked about it, and set up a time for her newborn shoot of Kye. 

The time came and I was really excited over it and had a good time catching up with Dena and meeting her fiance Richard and had the extreme pleasure of meeting their new baby Kye! He is so adorable!

As I was editing their pictures and putting it all together, a thought had come to me. I thought how amazing that we were here together, today, after all these years... Who would of thought that after all these years, I would now be doing a photo shoot of her little man! I felt very emotional over that. It meant alot to me that I was the one to do Dena and Richard's newborn photo session! 

I really enjoyed our session and it was so good to get caught up on what was going on in her life and mostly, it was good to see her happy!


Thank you facebook! :-) 


Enjoy the slideshow I made of her little precious baby boy....and you can see more pictures in her gallery!



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Texas Wedding Ok, so you have heard that Texas is a warm sunny state, right? Well, yes it is I say. But it's also HUMID! 

So here was an attempt at an outdoor wedding,

in the afternoon.

In the heat.

In the humidity.

In the constant wind! 

The ceremony, believe it or not was a whole 2 minutes long!! I missed....

The kiss.

The ring ceremony.

.....and more!

So as I scrambled around as fast as I could around the chairs and peeps to get good shots, well, attempt to get good shots,  I can hear the Pastor having them say their "I do's" and "I will's" and "Kiss the bride" I snapped what I could.

Oh, and did I also mention that I had my camera set on the wrong settings!? 

Also did I mention that I was all emotional since it was my daughter getting married?? 

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned how hot and humid it was?!

Of course, nothing went right all morning leading up to the wedding. Absolutely nothing went right! The wind was blowing tables over, table settings wouldn't stay put....Typical wedding disasters! But by the pictures, I don't think anyone would of guessed all of this was going on. The bride (my daughter) was in tears 15 minutes before she was even suppose to walk down the aisle to take the hand of her groom, my wonderful son in law!

So with all that aside, what they set out to do, was accomplished and we can now look back and actually chuckle about it! It actually turned out pretty nice in spite of the mishaps, tears, wrong camera settings etc. You can visit the gallery and view the rest of the pictures.

Oh and did I mention how HOT and HUMID it was?! Yes...even that we can laugh at!


So the moral of the story is this....

Mom's, don't photograph your own child's wedding! :-)


Would love to hear your "Wedding Story" . Feel free to share!





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